Stretch Goals!

Spousal Support

At the $6000 mark we will be having our wives run with us for a segment of our event! Gillian, Ashlee, and Lindsay are all accomplished athletes from Fundy Crossfit, and will most likely do better on this segment than us…

Weight to Go

Well we crushed the $6000 stretch without breaking a sweat so let’s get one going now. If we cross the $6500 mark Rob, Christian, & Drew will commit to running one (1) segment of the 12 required for the challenge wearing either a 20lbs weight vest, or a 20lbs ruck sack.

Why did we agree to this again? Oh that’s right, THE CHILDREN. Let’s make it happen people!

Last Call

If we reach $7000 we will incorporate a “beer mile” style challenge into the last segment of the event! Right now our last segment will begin at Cask & Kettle & run a long loop via Harbour Passage, but if we get here, we have designed a smaller loop of 1.6km, and will have to drink a beer after each loop is complete! 4 beers and 4 miles! Cheers!

Run // Swim // Run

If we reach $7500 we are incorporating an annual tradition for the three of us. Segment #7 will remain at a 4 mile total distance but will incorporate a 500m swim in the Saint John River, starting at Brundage Point in Grand Bay-Westfield. Every year we do a workout like this, similar to one that was once featured in the Crossfit Games, so lets bring it into the event to keep things “interesting.”