Route Sponsors

We can’t say thank you enough to the amazing sponsors that have stepped up for this worthy cause. If you have a business that is interested in sponsoring a segment of the Joggin’ the Goggins Challenge click here.

To see maps and visualizations of all the routes listed below as we release them, click here.

Segment #1 – Friday, July 9th – 6PM

Sponsored by Fundy Crossfit & Beaver Tails Saint John

Route: The Harbour Hustle

Segment #2 – Friday, July 9 – 10PM

Sponsored by Beauty Park

Route: The Harbour Hustle

Segment #3 – Saturday, July 10 – 2AM

Sponsored by The 9:30 Connection

Route: Drew’s Drowsy Run

Segment #4 – Saturday, July 10 – 6AM

Sponsored by Ricky’s Chickies

Route: Christian’s Cruise

Segment #5 – Saturday, July 10 – 10AM

Sponsored by Unifor Local 30

Route: Union Dues

Segment #6 – Saturday, July 10 – 2PM

Sponsored by Kent Building Supplies

Route: The Irving Nature Park Road Route

Segment #7 – Saturday, July 10 – 6PM

Sponsored by Ash Glen Electric

Route: Run//Swin//Run

Segment #8 – Saturday, July 10 – 10PM

Sponsored by Complete Balance Physio

Route: The Completely Off Balance

Segment #9 – Sunday, July 11 – 2AM

Sponsored by Miles of Miracles

Route: Rob’s Restless Run

Segment #10 – Sunday, July 11 – 6AM

Sponsored by Armed & Hammered

Route: Christian’s Cruise

Segment #11 – Sunday, July 11 – 10AM

Sponsored by The Grand Bay Fire Dept.

Route: The Grand Bay Fire Flight

Segment #12 – Sunday, July 11 – 2PM

Sponsored by Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub

Route: The Harbour Hustle (modified to start at Cask & Kettle)