Meet the Team

Our Year 1 Campaign Celebration

Drew Carleton

Drew is the head coach of Fundy Powerlifting, where he prefers spending less time running and more time trying to convince himself he is strong. Drew was tricked into doing this challenge when Rob gave him beer. He did have the good idea to make the suffering a charitable cause! When Drew isn’t trying to keep up with his two daughters’ social calendars, he is working in Forest Health for GNB.

Rob Pearson

With an athletic background and a penchant for pushing himself and others beyond their comfort zone, Rob came up with the idea for this challenge. Rob is a long-standing member of Fundy Crossfit where he coaches. This father of two spends his workdays at the JDI Pulp and Paper Mill as operator and the UniFor Local 30 President.

Christian Goldie

Meet Christian! The third member of our team and the only reason we have raised a dollar. Christian is our website, social media and e-commerce guru, who listened to the first two talk about the challenge, shook his head in disbelief at their foolish plan, then decided it wasn’t going to happen without him over-committing to making sure we didn’t run this through a MySpace account. Christian is also a family man with two youngsters to balance things out. He can be found most days at Moosehead’s Small Batch Brewery where he makes lives happier, 16oz at a time!

Cass Murphy

Cass is a driving force behind our charity campaign. She is organizing many of the fundraising components of Joggin’ the Goggins, including collecting auction items, door prizes and finding us sponsors. This should allow the guys to focus on the physical side of things and keep the donations rolling in.  We are grateful to have her with us!

Lindsey, Gillian and Ashlee had no say in this, yet here they are making sure we get through this foolishness again. This year, our wives have agreed to help us on the social media side of the campaign, posting updates, taking photos, and hopefully applying youthful filters to our aging bodies! Look for updates via Instagram and Facebook as they keep us on track throughout our campaign weekend.