Get Involved

There’s no way we should be the ones having all the fun!

As a Business

Local Businesses are the heart & soul of Saint John and we want your support! Businesses can support by sponsoring one (1) segment of the challenge. There are twelve (12) total segments of four miles each that are ran over the course of the 48 hour event. For a donation of $500.00 you can sponsor one (1), four-mile segment of the challenge. For your $500 donation you will receive a tax receipt, and exposure on our website, and social media pages, & you also get to feel good that 100% of your donation will be going to a very worthy cause. Hurry, there are only 12 segments available!

Open Segments Remaining for Sponsorship for Year 2: 12

To support as a business email: or call 506-609-4655. If you still are interested in getting involved as a business reach out and we will figure out something cool to do!

As a Runner

We are about to put some serious miles on our shoes, and you should join us! If you want to run a segment with us and be part of the fun – now you can! For a minimum donation of $10 you can reserve a spot with us on one of the (12) four mile segments, and if you want to run more we aren’t going to say no to that!

Now in the spirit of charity we are going to use the term “run” loosely here. If you want to get involved, no matter what your fitness level we would love to have you. Run, walk, rollerblade, ruck, or bike, it’s all good, and its all for charity. 100% of all donations are given to The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Make sure you keep an eye to our social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram. We have some very spicy announcements coming, including bonus challenges for bonus donations!